about us

FM Guru Training & Consultancy was founded by facility management expert Martin Pickard to provide advice, support and inspiration to those involved in facilities management and the workplace.

FM Guru  Consultancy specialises in  FM strategy development, outsourcing and relationship management.

FM Guru Training specialises in the development and delivery of bespoke training solutions for FM teams and professionals

9 thoughts on “about us

  1. I would love to have a copy of the great poster! I have been doing facility/infrastructure management for the government for the last 5 years. It is contractual, and I would love to increase my business. I am interested in knowing about what everyone else is actually doing in their roles.

    Thankseverso for a file that I can print.

  2. Hi fmguru, I know that I’m not the first and wont be the last either, please would you mail me a copy of the mindmap poster that I can print . My employer is experiencing a time of great change and FM is now on everyones radar they just dont recognise it as FM, to them its just stuff, your map will take proud place on my office wall, outside of my office, on the way to my office in the mail room etc etc etc ….. – Thank you 🙂

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