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shutterstock_145933700.jpgFor the first time in around 15 years I find myself without a regular column in any of the FM magazines following the sad decision by Lexis Nexis to close Facilities. I get most things off my chest on Twitter or Facebook but think  I need an outlet where the only restriction on word count is my judgement of how long before the reader gets bored.

I therefore find myself returning to this blog which has been sadly neglected since I fell in love with Twitter. I will make no wild promises about the frequency (or quality) of posts but am hereby declaring my honest intent to divert some of the time I used to spend as an occasional journalist towards developing a new series of blog posts.

In October last year I was amazed and delighted to find myself the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the BIFM which sparked a lot of reflection on the journey we have been on as professional FMs since the early seventies. The profession has developed magnificently but it still has many fundamental problems.

In one post-award  interview I was asked if I had any regrets. These are not things I usually indulge in. I like where I am in my life and everything I did in the past got me to this point so what is there to regret?

However I do think that those of us involved in the development of FM in the past have not done enough to pass on the lessons we fought so hard to learn to the FM activists of today and this is a personal regret. I see and hear terrific young FMs debating questions and trying to solve problems that we addressed years ago but that we didn’t successfully embed into the discipline for new practitioners to benefit from.

Perhaps this blog can attempt to rectify that although I suspect it will just turn into the ramblings of a old man who should get over it and leave things to the youngsters.

We shall see.


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