The Role of a Facility Manager

Over the last 40 years the role of the facility manager has grown and evolved as the practice of facilities management has increased in importance. Management, Services and Property functions all come together in FM to create one of the most varied and interesting professions of modern times.

146 thoughts on “The Role of a Facility Manager

  1. This map is so useful that it’s been on our wall here at FM World towers for the last six months. However, ours was a pre-Lego men version – where on earth did they come from?

    Imagine if this was a live map that we could interact with and edit in wiki style, effectively crowdsourcing the total scope of FM…

  2. What I miss is Documentmanagement/informationmanagement. Achives, informationmanagement, Facility Management Information System, Proces information.

    This is within the domain of Facility Management in The Netherlands

    • I think these are all there but not together. Document management, archiving etc. as a Service are lower left by the guy with the red mailbox, and FM Information Systems are implied under a number of headings in the Management stream (CAFM, Reporting, Scorecard etc)

      In the next version I will make this more explicit. Thank you for the input

  3. Good for developing JD’s and team organization in a typical FM site. Thanks! Where can i download the Mind Map by the way? I am currently using Freemind.

      • What are the chances this is still available for me to get a copy of??? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance (over 5 years later, feels like the future).

  4. I simply love your FM Map. I’ve tried printing it from the website but the quality doesn’t do it justice. Is it possible to obtaina print quality version at say A3 and A4 size

  5. This mind map is mind boggling. I didn’t realized how much of an impact a FM has (I mean I knew, but this layout puts it all in perspective). I would love to have a hi-res printable copy for my office. Thank you

  6. Awesome and very relevant piece of work, extremely useful to promote the FM areas of responsibility and involvement. Like most responders I would love a high res soft copy, or even happy to purchase as a poster.
    Keep up the good work!

    • These days I’m a consultant with clients in all sectors. As a practising FM over the last 40 plus years I have looked after offices, shops, data centres, call centres, warehouses, radio sites, research labs and training centres.

      I started as a teenage junior working in the mailroom of a corporate HQ and worked my way through roles like Building manager, Regional FM, Head of FM, Director of Property, MD and CEO before setting up FM Guru in 2003.

      What about you?

  7. Good morning, I am new to the FM forums and it is really good to know that people have the same issues across the globe!. I would appreciate a copy of the wonderful mindmap document – it will be wonderful for internal meetings.
    Many thanks
    Kerry Hall

  8. Would appreciate a high res copy as well. A bit challenging to read from the web copy and I’m sure it’s very complete. Thanks in advance.

  9. great job with the mind map. you have captured all tasks well and the addition of the Lego men is a great addition for instant visual recognition. Can you please email me a printable version to enable printing in A3.

  10. I think that you have captured the FM role in all its complexity. Can you please email me a printable version to enable A3 printing.
    Cheers Graeme

  11. What a great map and a even greater way to educate the youger hopeflls.
    Would it be possible to send me a soft copy?
    Best regards,

  12. Great poster, after seeing this I realized how much we actually do. You just don’t think about it you take a llok at your poster. Could I please get a copy of it. That would be great. Thanks

  13. I think this is excellent I am interviewing for FM/FM assistant roles at the moment and I would love a copy. I can use this as my check list when I am preparing for these tough interviews.

  14. I would also like to have a copy that I could print and share with my other FM’s. This is great!

    Thank you!

  15. Hi Martin,

    Just stumbled across this whilst looking at your blog & website. It is excellent. Is there any chance you could e mail me a high resolution version please?


  16. Hi Martin,

    I am doing a talk to some Austrian students coming to Hong Kong, organized by John Gilleard. The talk is on the development of FM in Hong Kong and you mind map would be great to have up on screen to shown what an FM role has developed into over the years. Obviously I would give attribution to “thefmguru”.

    Is it possible to have a good copy? I see that you have been asked this many times in this web site so hope you don’t have email fatigue!

    Thanks in advance

    Tony Garland

  17. This is GREAT as well as useful! I love the concept but having difficulty zooming in and getting a clear image. Is there any chance that a clearer copy could be emailed to me? I too would like to make a legible poster of this to keep on my wall.

    Thanks and regards.

  18. Hi, having come from an FM background in the UK I can see where the “snow and ice clearing” headline comes from! However, I have been working in the Middle East in FM for 4 years now and you know, “sand” and “flash flood water” would make great additional headlines too! I love the chart and would really like a printable version – I intend to use it in all sorts of ways – coaching and training, visualisation (especially for new recruits as English is not their first language), planning, aide memoire to management! Could you please send me a copy? Thank you very much, Rosemary

  19. fmguru please forward a high res image, I have a few FM I would to give this map to. I framed to hung on the officde walls.

  20. This would do well to educated those who are new to the FM business…pls sent me a copy. I would like to use this as a tool of learning….
    Shaifuddin…Jones Lang LaSalle Intergrated Facilities Management.

  21. Fantastic document, may I have a printable copy sent via email please, would be much appreciated. Thanks

  22. Wow great Map. I would love to receive a copy of this by email. It would help our deparment. Thank you in advance. Appreciate all the hardwork.

  23. just stumbled on this. could I have a printable hi res pdf copy? I intend to stick it up on the wall in the office……many thanks

  24. Martin – can you possibly email me the latest hi-res version, recently moved employers and lost the previous version, appreciated.

  25. Martin, I join the many praising the mind map, and requesting a printable pdf (which is hopefully high res enough for me to print A0).

    This will be on my wall, for colelagues and the client to see.

    Thanks in advance


  26. It’s very useful thanks Martin for your effort in this, I like the concept , could I have a clearer copy on my email please? I want to keep it on my wall.

    Many thanks,,

  27. Hi,
    So that’s what I do every day! Love this – please could you e-mail me a copy of the pdf.
    Many thanks,

    • To add to my last request could I have a printable hi res pdf copy? I intend to stick it up on the wall in the office for a new setup of an FM Dept in Dubai. Many Thanks Aman

  28. I also find this map very informative. Wouldn’t mind if I could also get a hi res pdf version we could print for the upliftment and commitment of staff to the profession.

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