Innovation and Information

I spent much of yesterday talking with some folk working in the government sector. It was terrific to find so many people enthusiastic about what FM can achieve and ready for their next set of challenges.

We talked a lot about the benefits to be gained from collaboration throughout the supply chain and the importance of trust and information  if you are entering a period of radical change.

The public spending cuts that are inevitable over the next few years whoever wins the election will put huge pressure on the FM and Estates operation. Genuine innovation will be required to meet the targets that are being set.

Trust is important because you cannot innovate without taking risks and you don’t take risks with people you don’t trust. Greater efforts must be made to engage with the supply chain in a positive collaborative manner. PAS 11000 is the BSI standard for collaborative working and provides a framework for a trust based relationship. Let’s hope FM embraces this opportunity.

The other prerequisite for innovation is good quality information. How can you change things if you don’t know what’s going on? How will you identify trends? Spot opportunities? Monitor progress?

Without good management information systems all you can do is to blindly try things and hope they make a difference. The risk involved is multiplied and the chances of success greatly reduced. I did a White Paper on this for a client recently. Check it out here at the Qube site.

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