The Wider FM Profile

Private responses received to my blog about the FMs need to manage their profile reinforce the importance of the issue.  What is just as important is the profile of FM in the wider community.

The FM media, institutes, associations, corporations and bigmouths also have to play their part. For society, government and industry to appreciate the importance of facilities management to the economy they must be helped to see the connections between the events and issues of the day and the FM profession and  business sector.

Maybe it’s just because my FM radar is more attuned than others but I see the connections every time I watch the news.  Examples from the last few days:

Asbestos in schools The media criticising poor management controls and the risk to children and teachers – Education FMs should be  talking about the good work they do and campaigning for investment where needed

Hospital cleaning Serious criticism on management systems at Basildon hospital – Healthcare FMs should speak out against trusts that aren’t giving them support and combating the negative image the media are painting.

Population impact on infrastructure The Chamber of Commerce  talk about the need for major new projects to serve the forecast population. How will we FM them?

Brown calls for control on migration of professions inc engineers and chefs The PM says we should cut down on the number of people entering the country and remove the bias in favour of certain skills including some key FM roles. How will that affect our skills shortage?

Cameron criticises safety culture The man the bookies say will be the next  PM says we are too focused on safety controls! What do FMs think?

I never hear an FM spokesman on any news bulletin commenting on issues like these.  Does that mean we don’t care and the stereotype of FMs as toilet obsessed, narrow minded and reactive low grades is true? Or is there another problem?

2 thoughts on “The Wider FM Profile

  1. Dear Mr FM GURU

    I understand your sentiments in your recent blog, I also believe the answer is in Respect.
    FMs have an institute that represents less than 10% of the Profession, but makes no effort to; help, advise or stimulate the other 90% of Fms that do not belong.
    Thier membership drive is unknown and the statistics they publish in FM World show % increases by region but they dont show the FMs who leave that are regulaly the same number – thus no growth.
    Until Action FM BIFM RICS CIBSE FMA IFMA get together and SUPPORT all FMs the media will not respect it as a profession and ask for its opinion on news items.
    Best Regards
    I feel better Now
    Michael Glass
    FMs own Victor Meldrew

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