The FM Profile

People in the FM world are always complaining about the low profile that the profession has in  their organisations. This is patent nonsense. Every day people go to work and pass our security checks, deal with our receptionists, pass our cleaners in the corridor, sit at one of our desks, eat lunch in our canteen, report faults to our engineers, collect mail from our post people etc. etc. etc. The presence of FM people in the workplace could not be greater.

What people fail to do is to make the connection between the services and facilities they enjoy and the practice and profession of facilities management. Only we can do that for them. FMs need to maintain a consistent and targeted marketing and PR campaign to engage with the hearts and minds of their stakeholders.

A proper communications policy and plan enables you to manage expectations, combat criticism, get support from your fans and support your people. Demonstrating the benefits of a well managed workplace is part of the FMs’ job. If we don’t do it, who will?

One thought on “The FM Profile

  1. Hope it goes well Martin. I’ve linked on my blog. I’ll never agree with you about M* D*ns but you’re on safe ground with me when it comes to this stuff. 🙂

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